Amplify & Route53 hosted zone but no dns resolving


I currently have a domain I purchased with google (now transferred to squarespace). Last night I moved dns hosting to route53 by creating a hosted zone and I updated the domain on squarespace with the new name servers. I then linked the domain to amplify and everything seemed to work.

As of this morning the site is not resolving anymore but I can see the name servers are still in place, amplify service is up and healthy behind the url it generates, and the hosted zone records all still match appropriately. I also verified on whois for the domain and can see it is pointing to the correct name servers for amazon. What else could be causing it not to get resolved?

Update: Seems really strange behavior. I deleted my hosted zone and my amplify domain settings and recreated everything fresh. For a split second I was able to see resolving worked but received 403 from Cloudfront. Then after a few more minutes the problem above started to persist.

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Was able to solve this. I removed all of the dns based redirects from amplify, regenerated the hosted zone, and then also regenerated the amplify custom domain. Seems to have been a pure configuration issue

answered a month ago

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