Pearson Vue terminated the exam without warning


DVA-C02: AWS Certified Developer - Associate I started the above exam check-in on 15th Aug, 3:30 PM as per the appointment. It was an online proctored exam with PearsonVue. I had put my phone out of reach, proctor asked me to move my webcam all around the room and asked me to move my phone even far, which I did and I was not able to even look at the phone's screen it was that far now. As soon as I started my exam I received the call. As per the below guidelines from Pearsonvue, I definitely need to check if the proctor is calling me or not.

Q: What happens if my mobile phone rings or issues a notification during an exam? A: You may keep your mobile phone nearby, out of arm’s reach, during your exam in case the proctor needs to call you. Any mobile phone use other than speaking with a proctor is grounds for exam revocation. When a proctor needs to reach you, they will call, not text. The number will always display as 617-379-0635, and/or caller ID may identify the number as “Pearson VUE.” If this information appears, please answer the call. If your phone rings and the call is not from a Pearson VUE proctor, do not answer it. If you receive a text or other notification, ignore it and continue testing. If you wish to silence your phone, alert the proctor so they know you are accessing your phone only to silence notifications.

So I checked if it was the proctor calling me or not by standing up and looking at the phone's screen as the proctor had asked me to move the phone where I could not even see the screen. and I was again on the seat in just a second as I confirmed it was someone else so I did not answer, not even reached near the phone.

Minutes later, I got the message did you finish the exam? I replied, "No, just started". and suddenly exam got terminated saying I moved out of place which violated terms.

I did not even get a fair warning from the proctor, I felt extremely helpless and betrayed. I understand that proctors are advised to watch out for some activities candidates do that violated terms, but least candidates should be warned. and I felt, I did nothing wrong as per the Q&A I quoted here, it clearly says you might get a call from the proctor. which I just checked.

I'd love to hear exactly what I did wrong.

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I would suggest you to reach out to the Pearson Vue's customer support chat to get further assistance.


They should be able to help you out with this.

answered 8 months ago

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