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Wildcard subdomains in AWS Amplify


So we recently decided to remove server side rendering from our react app to use Amplify, since it provides us all that we need (serverless, high availabilty, speed and no need to test in two different environment setups).

However now I have a question regarding how to configure AWS Amplify to have a wildcard CNAME record. I want that any subdomain can reach my app, not just the ones I manually select in the Amplify Console.

I have a wildcard CNAME pointing to the cloudfront, and the subdomains I added manually in the console are working, but the ones that are not (due to the nature of the wildcard CNAME), just get a 403 from cloudfront.

Is there support for wildcard subdomains in Amplify? How does one configure it? Assuming there is no support for this. Is there an API I can use to create the Amplify subdomains for me?


asked 3 years ago233 views
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Accepted Answer

We don't support wildcard subdomains right now. You can programmatically add records by using AWS CLI.

answered 3 years ago

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