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Can I Import .sql files from Encrypted s3 bucket into Encrypted MySQL RDS instance?


An offshore team is dumping daily raw data from a SQL instance (.sql.gz zipped files) into an s3 bucket in my org. Task at hand is to import this data into a MySQL RDS instance, query the instance, transform the data then load it into a Postgresql instance. I can't seem to find a way to do this with Lambda or Glue or any third party application

  • Q-1: What do you mean by encrypted S3 bucket and encrypted MySQL RDS ? Are both encrypted with AWS managed keys / Custom Key ? Q-2: In subject line you have mentioned MySQL RDS but in actual question you have mentioned PostgreSQL, can you please clarify ?

1 Answer

Hello, Thank you for your question. There are some limitations on importing files from s3 to Amazon RDS. You can't import .sql files from an encrypted backup in an s3 bucket to RDS.

answered a month ago
reviewed a month ago

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