Workmail redirect rule not working for Gmail address


Hi there. I've had a redirect rule in place for months to forward my Workmail email to my Gmail account. This was all working fine until yesterday morning when it just stopped working. I'm getting error messages saying 'Local address contains control or whitespace' but I haven't changed anything. How can I resolve this?

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Thank you for reaching out with the issue.

This error means that the email has a space somewhere in the "to/from email address" or there was a comma or extra character in the to/From line. The error below would show:

Amazon.Runtime.Internal.HttpErrorResponseExceptionHandler.HandleException(IExecutionContext executionContext, HttpErrorResponseException exception) Local address contains control or whitespace.

So review the sender and destination domain and addresses

If you want to specify the display name ('friendly name') that contains spaces, you should put that sender name in double quotes. Do not forget to escape them:

From: "Andrew" <>;
To: "Bob" <>

Working with email rules

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