Cannot create API Gateway v2 in multiple regions with Route 53 latency-based routing


I want to create a global service comprised of API Gateway v2 (a.k.a. HTTP APIs) in multiple AWS regions with Route 53 latency-based routing handling traffic distribution for clients around the world. This will require each of the HTTP APIs to have the same custom domain configured. The HTTP APIs are configured as regional APIs.

However, when I attempt to configure the custom domain in a second region, I'm presented with this error:

Error: error creating API Gateway v2 domain name ( BadRequestException: The domain name you provided already exists.

This architecture works as expected if I use API Gateway v1 (a.k.a. REST APIs). Thus, I think this is a regression in v2.

Is this supposed to work?

  • Further experimentation shows that I can produce this same error by attempting to create the same custom domain in a second AWS account in the same region.

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