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I use from 3 years amazon SES for sending newsletter with a simple software called . I decide to change my software for sending in Acelle Email. I migrate my user correctly and now I have a lot of compliants email from Italia Online for address or My account is suspended.

But how is possible fix it? I really dont change anything! Just software for sending and respect privacy policy, gdpr, unsubscribe button etc!

Anyone has same problem?

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A complaint occurs when a recipient reports that they don't want to receive an email. They might have clicked the "Report spam" button in their email client, complained to their email provider, notified Amazon SES directly, or through some other method. In your case, the change you've made with the software may have changed something in the message that the recipients are receiving, and this is why they are marking your messages as a SPAM.

You should work with the Trust & Safety Team of AWS to identify the root cause of the issue and to fix it. They are the only ones that are capable of lifting the suspension you encountered in your sending access. For more about complaints and how SES handles them, please refer to this FAQ page.

Thanks! Mo

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answered a year ago

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