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Even though my GitHub user has owner access to an organization, the organization repositories never appear for selection. The dialog should provide a means of switching between my personal repositories and the organizations I have access to. I would transfer the repo to my personal account but Amplify doesn't allow editing of the source repository after creation.

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We do support GitHub Organization repos. You have to grant oauth permission to your Organization as well.


answered 5 years ago

You can follow these steps to fix the problem.

  1. Set Up GitHub Access: Before you begin, make sure you have access to the GitHub Organization and repositories you want to integrate with AWS Amplify. You'll need permission to add webhooks to the repositories.

  2. Access AWS Amplify Console: Go to the AWS Amplify Console in the AWS Management Console and click on the "Connect app" button.

  3. Select Source Provider: In the "Connect app" wizard, choose "GitHub" as the source provider.

  4. Authorize AWS Amplify: If you haven't connected your AWS Amplify account to GitHub before, you'll be prompted to authorize Amplify to access your GitHub account and repositories. Follow the prompts to provide the necessary permissions.

  5. Choose GitHub Organization: After authorizing, select your GitHub Organization from the list of available organizations.

  6. Once you've chosen the Organization, select the repository you want to integrate with AWS Amplify. You can choose multiple repositories if needed.

  7. AWS Amplify will automatically detect your frontend framework based on the repository content. If your repository contains a package.json file, Amplify will assume you are using a JavaScript framework like React, Angular, or Vue.

answered a year ago

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