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/OAuth Scope based Authorization in AppSync/

OAuth Scope based Authorization in AppSync


Assume we have Cognito user pools with one application (ex: photos app) with custom scopes defined (ex: In https API GW, we can restrict the access using the scope and audience. This article is explains using group claims - Can we do similar authorization based on OAuth scope ?

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I was taking a peek at your question and conversing with some colleagues, and I think I may have found an example CDK (AWS Cloud Development Kit) example that you may be able to test this with:

The website is a site that our serverless developer advocates curate serverless patterns on, and after taking a peek at the page and corresponding GitHub page, I think this may be able to get you a head start on testing this.

Note it may spin up some infrastructure you don't need, but it will give you start on automating your deployments.

answered 4 months ago

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