EC2 Windows Server 2016 Rebooted in Safe Mode with Networking


My Windows 2016 Server was rebooted with Safe Boot /Network Chosen on the System Configuration.

Luckily the Firewall is all off as is Defender. I need to somehow get to a command prompt to send
bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot

To the machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I cant figure out the Serial Console as I connect and just get black screen.

Please help,

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I found the solution by following these instructions for going into DSRM but simply change to fix safe mode:

To boot an offline instance into DSRM

Open the Amazon EC2 console at

In the navigation pane, choose Instances.

Locate and select the affected instance. Choose Instance state, Stop instance.

Choose Launch instances and create a temporary instance in the same Availability Zone as the affected instance. Choose an instance type that uses a different version of Windows. For example, if your instance is Windows Server 2008, then choose a Windows Server 2008 R2 instance.

If you do not create the instance in the same Availability Zone as the affected instance you will not be able to attach the root volume of the affected instance to the new instance.

In the navigation pane, choose Volumes.

Locate the root volume of the affected instance. Detach the volume and attach it to the temporary instance you created earlier. Attach it with the default device name (xvdf).

Use Remote Desktop to connect to the temporary instance, and then use the Disk Management utility to make the volume available for use.

Open a command prompt and run the following command. Replace D with the actual drive letter of the secondary volume you just attached:

bcdedit /store D:\Boot\BCD /set {default} safeboot dsrepair
In the Disk Management Utility, choose the drive you attached earlier, open the context (right-click) menu, and choose Offline.

In the EC2 console, detach the affected volume from the temporary instance and reattach it to your original instance with the device name /dev/sda1. You must specify this device name to designate the volume as a root volume.

Start the instance.

After the instance passes the health checks in the EC2 console, connect to the instance using Remote Desktop and verify that it boots into DSRM mode.

(Optional) Delete or stop the temporary instance you created in this procedure.

I changed the command to
bcdedit /store D:\Boot\BCD /deletevalue {default} safeboot

Saved my behind as I thought I lost the instance...


answered 2 years ago

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