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/WAF is not blocking after string match/

WAF is not blocking after string match


I create a rule i.e.

Type --> Regular rule

Field to match --> URI path

Positional constraint ---> Contains string

Search string ----> /test/*

Text transformations --> Lowercase (Priority 0)

Action --> Block

Custom response code --> 404

But after loading a url or its still works but not blocking. Why? What is wrong with the rule. Can anyone guide me please

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Accepted Answer

I think the problem is your use of the wildcard in your search string. The string match condition is "contains string," so in order to match on both the examples you've provided, you would need to change it to "/test"

If /test will always be at the start of the URI path then you should change the string match condition to "starts with string" as this consumes fewer WCUs.

Documentation for this can be found here:

answered 9 days ago
  • but what if I want to set URI --> /test/a/ what should be string match condition? and for what should be string match condition?

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