How do I validate if a certificate got installed in the streaming session configured in SessionScripts ?


I need a Certificate to be installed before running the application in streaming instance. I have configured it in the Session Script (config.json) as part of the SessionStart. I am getting error related to app launch failure in streaming instance. How do I validate if the certificate got installed in the streaming session ? e.g.

{ "SessionStart": { "executables": [ { "context": "system", "filename": "C:\script\InstallCert.bat", "arguments": "", "s3LogEnabled": true }, { "context": "user", "filename": "", "arguments": "", "s3LogEnabled": true } ], "waitingTime": 30 }

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The easiest way would be to use Desktop view on the fleet to check the Windows certificate store to see if the certificate is there. You can also use the CertMgr tool to programmatically add, delete, or list certificates. Since you're using an image and not an Elastic fleet, have you tested the script running with admin privileges (or SYSTEM) on an image builder to validate it installs the certificate and private key successfully?

Since you're using a bat file, most likely any errors that occur are being written to stdout - the session scripts folder will have a text file of the error, and that error will be uploaded to the logs S3 bucket. Have you checked those logs?

answered 5 months ago

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