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GameLift Client rejected because Game Session is FULL


I have a 2 person PvP game which is working completely fine remotely now. My only issue is that if more than two people try to connect to the server, they are given a rejection message saying that the game session is full.

I'm using the default deploy settings for the sample Unity Single-Region Fleet Cloud Formation, which includes a single region on-demand fleet with an alias. I don't have any matchmaking or queues set up. Do I need to set up any of this in order to funnel users into new game sessions instead of having them get rejected from an existing match?

Thanks in advance!

asked 19 days ago23 views
1 Answers

You can control the maximum number of players allowed on a game session using the maximum-player-session-count parameter. This can be set while creating the game session, or updated after the game session has been created.

Thanks, Shashank

answered 18 days ago
  • So that is being set to a maximum of 2 through Cloud Formation when I deploy, which is why it's saying the game session is full when someone tries to connect when there are already 2 clients connected. The issue is that it's not creating a new game session for that player to play against a new client, it's just sending a rejection message.

  • Are you trying to create a new game session using CreateGameSession at which point you receive a rejection message? Have you tried mapping the error code you are receiving to one of the error messages described here. A common reason why a new game session cannot be created is that the fleet doesn't have sufficient capacity.

    If you're still facing this issue, I would recommend reaching out to AWS Support via AWS Support Center to help look into your specific problem.

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