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AWS Pinpoint seems to be sending multiple copies of the same SMS (though API was called just once)


We have noticed that in some cases some users are getting the same sms repeatedly. We can see from our logs that the request was made to PINPOINT just once and even the callback we received is a single one.

Are these kinds of cases common? What are the possible scenarios?

1 Answer

Hello Sudip,

I understand that you have noticed Pinpoint sending duplicate SMS messages to some users, even though API was called only once.

Pinpoint service does not send multiple copies of same SMS message. Pinpoint SMS service, instead, relays messages to downstream provider and phone carrier. In oder to investigate this issue, we need to troubleshoot based on your specific scenario. Since we cannot discuss account specific troubleshooting on re:Post, we suggest to reach out to AWS Support with specific details, including message ids and timestamp of duplicate messages.

answered 6 months ago

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