assume IAM role from Azure cloud


Hi team,

I followed this blog

to use IAM role for a workload outside AWS

in my case I want a Pipeline running in Azure devops to push an image into amazon ECR for example

following the blog I was able to generate credentials from the IAM role and hit AWS s3

but I'm not sure how this is applicable for a workload running in azure for example

what are the steps to follow to make a Pipeline in Azure assume an IAM role in AWS and push images to ECR

I don't know how to apply the IAM role anywhere principle in Azure

is there AWS docs /blog explaining the steps?

Thank you!

1 Answer

Similar to how you have accessed AWS S3. You can use temporary security credentials with AWS SDKs and the AWS CLI to push images to ECR.

Once you have assumed the role, Please refer at our documentation on commands you can use to achieve pushing docker image: Pushing a Docker image

Additionally, please refer at our documentation for all commands you can use: Private images

answered a year ago
  • Thank you for your answer! I see the principle from the blog I mentioned in my question. but the whole point of my question is how to apply that in Azure cloud? how to make another cloud provider assume my role and get the credentials?

    for example an Azure Devops Pipeline to assume the AWS role like I mentioned in my question

    Thank you

  • Does anyone have any idea? thank you

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