create simple RDS Aurora instance


Hi all,

I want to create a simple MYSQL RDS Auror instance :

  • 1 instance for staging env
  • 2 instances (1 mastr + 1 replica) for PROD

I would like to know, in the case of non-stage env, if this code creates 1 Aurora DB with 1 replica (instances: 2), or create 2 mastr DB, each one of them has replicas?

 const instanceCluster = new rds.DatabaseCluster(this, 'AuroraDatabase', {
        credentials: Credentials.fromSecret(xxxxx),
        port: xxxxxx,

        **instances: props.env["ENV"] === 'stage' ? 1 : 2,**

        defaultDatabaseName: xxxxxxx,
        instanceProps: {


1 Answer

I understand that you are using CDKv2. instances properties show # of instances within DB cluster. In the case of setting 2, DB cluster has 1 Writer, and 1 Reader instance in single DB cluster.

answered 9 months ago

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