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How to migrate EBS data of an EC2 without private key


Hi there!

Yesterday we received an email telling us that one of our EC2 Instances has an underlying hardware's degradation and suggesting to take action. Amazon will retire it after 2019-06-19 22:00 UTC and from now on it may get unreachable.

So, we're a bit nervous here, as that EC2 instance has critical data, indeed it hosts our Git repository. What I want to do as soon as possible is migrating all the data to another system and, then, update my Git software.

To accomplish that task, it's compulsory to access the system through SSH. To do so, I need the private key PEM file and I don't find it.

The current EC2 machine comprises the following configuration and hardware:

  • Instance type: m1.small
  • Availability zone: eu-west-1a
  • ClassicLink: Unlinked
  • Termination protection: False
  • Virtualization: paravirtual
  • Tenancy: default
  • Stop - Hibernation behavior: Disabled
  • EBS-optimized: False
  • Root device type: ebs
  • Root device: /dev/sda1
  • Block devices: /dev/sda1
  • Capacity Reservation Settings: Open

What could I do to first log in to my system through SSH? Once inside, I could perform the backup.

asked 3 years ago9 views
1 Answer


I just created an AMI image from my existing system and then created a new instance, using a new SSH key pair.

answered 3 years ago

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