Account ************* is denied access whlile creating Glue crawler.


Hello all, i am using AWS account with 12 month free tier. I have crated a IAM user with administrative Access and loged in with that user. After that i create an IAM role with AmazonS3 full access and GlueServiceRole policy. In data lake formation i crated a database with this new role. Now i am creating a glue crawler which will crawl S3 bucket and will store the schema of csv file in the Lake formation database. Everything works well but when i create crawler it gives error saying account <my account id> is denied access. I also used role for this crawler with upper mentioned policies. The image of error is also attached. I will be very thankful for your help. Thank you.Here is the image of error

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What is the contents of the trust policy for the role? Does it trust the Glue service to assume the role?

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answered 20 days ago

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