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Every HTTP requests to APIs created in API Gateway is returning back EOF: Error.Why?


I am sending few HTTP requests GET/POST/DELETE to few APIs created in AWS API Gateway. I am getting EOF:Error and it's not triggering the logs as well.For example below is some log statements from the Lambda which is triggering these HTTP requests;

Get "": EOF

Get "": EOF: Error null

END RequestId: ec3194b2-e680-441f-9152-5936f309d737 REPORT RequestId: ec3194b2-e680-441f-9152-5936f309d737 Duration: 19.45 ms Billed Duration: 20 ms Memory Size: 512 MB Max Memory Used: 29 MB Init Duration: 91.66 ms

Get "": EOF

1 Answers

What is the backend for your APIs? Have you tested the backend directly (without going through API Gateway) and do they work fine? If your backend is a lambda function and it gives you the same error when run directly, then try increasing the memory allocated to the lambda function

If the backend endpoints all work fine, then I would test locally from the API Gateway AWS console next.

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answered a month ago
  • Well backend is .NET WebServices and it's working fine. These HTTP calls I am making from Lambda to API Gateway resource endpoints.If I directly test on API Gateway AWS console,that also correctly working.I am getting error only when I am trying to make HTTP calls from Lambda to API Gateway resource endpoints.Another thing I would like to highlight,Lambda is developed in GoLang.

  • I did some search on the net and found this article -

    This may be the issue you are running into because of the way Go implements HTTP connections.

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