Where can i find good hands-on resource for AWS networking?


I need a good curated list of all the useful hands-on resource for AWS networking.

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  1. Really good starting point for basic AWS networking concepts: https://networking.workshop.aws/
  2. Slightly advanced is this lab on AWS Network Firewall - https://networkfirewall.workshop.aws/intro.html
  3. If you want to learn what's involved in the setup of AWS Direct Connect (DX), there is also a really good hands-on lab. Reach out to your AWS account team for more information.
answered 9 months ago


Your question regarding the AWS Networking resource is quite vast. There are multiple Networking services in the AWS domains divided into multiple horizons. The public docs and Labs are the best resource, however to answer the question accurately, I might need more information to the specific domain you re looking to get expertise on. As an example,

Traditional Networking would be examples of Services like VPN, Direct Connect, Client VPN, Transit Gateway etc. However, ELB, AS, VPC, R53 also come under the networking umbrella. Hope this helps. I would recommend narrowing down the domain and then performing the labs that are connected to the services of interest. I would also advise to study AWS Networking Speciality Certification if one needs an overall perspective of AWS Networking on the whole.

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answered 8 months ago

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