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/Is there an easy way to make changes when simulation is running?/

Is there an easy way to make changes when simulation is running?


Hi everyone,

When I create a new simulation job I see my nodes are working and doing their jobs. But then I wanna change a little part of the code or add a new node. After that here the steps I watch:

  • Close the simulation.
  • Do the changes or add some new features on Cloud9.
  • Build, bundle and copy your code into S3.
  • Run a new simulation.

Do I have to repeat these steps all the time when I want to change something? I am wondering that is there an easy way to do these or not?

Thank you.

asked 3 years ago1 views
1 Answers

You can restart the simulation job, which you can also do from the CLI/terminal. To improve ergonomics, set Job FailureBehavior to continue, Job Duration to the length of the development session (so the job doesn't terminate), Edit code, build, bundle, upload to S3 replacing the existing bundle, then Restart the job.

answered 3 years ago

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