Input stitchin with one audio track for all video


Hi all,

I have 3 input video file, i need to merge them together, and this is not a problem but i need to insert an audio track on whole video output after merge, is it possible with a single job?

For example 4 assets:


I need to merge intro,content, outro in one video and insert song.mp3 as soundtrack on whole video in one jobs

any ideas?

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Regarding your use case, it is almost impossible to do it in ONE job. Here is the explanation.

Let's make the following assumption. The duration of the video and song as follow.

input 1- intro.mp4 - 10 seconds
input 2 - content.mp4 - 10 seconds
input 3 - outro.mp4 - 10 seconds
song.mp3 - 30 seconds

You can use "external file" for audio for each input ( In theory, you can use "offset" to adjust the start time of the audio for input switch. i.e.

input 1- intro.mp4 - 10 seconds, audio start at 00:00:00
input 2 - content.mp4 - 10 seconds, audio start at 00:00:10
input 3 - outro.mp4 - 10 seconds, audio start at 00:00:20
song.mp3 - 30 seconds

However, because of the frequency of audio, it is almost impossible to make a seamless switch even using offset. Therefore, the most simple and perfect solution would be 1) create a job to merge all three videos, 2) create another job to merge the song to the output video of job1.


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Thx Michael, I was hoping that there was another way to merge video and global audio track. Thx for support!

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answered 3 years ago

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