INVALID_PAYMENT_INSTRUMENT after requesting model access in Amazon Bedrock



I was trying to use the GA Amazon Bedrock, but I received the following error when I tried to request models access:

Amazon Bedrock errors

This account has been active a few years and we're currently using many other services without any troubles. They payment methods are properly set in our organization and, again, there have been no issues so far on other services.

Did I miss any configuration somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

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I resolved this issue by changing our default payment method from a SEPA type to a CREDIT CARD type. I was able to complete the purchase through Bedrock, and change our defaults back afterwards.

answered 8 months ago
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  • Yes! Definitely that was it and that's how we solved it on our side. I forgot to post the answer here. It took a while before we understood the issue.



I have additional info. I cannot subscribe to Foundation Models in Amazon SageMaker either. Inspecting the Network tab in the developer tools of my browser, the requests return the same error for the model subscription no matter which region I'm in.

There's definitely something wrong with my account.

answered 9 months ago

Please note, SEPA is not the only type of payment type not supported for Marketplace. Per this blog post, some India based customers will also be affected. As others have already called out, you can update your payment preference in the console.

answered 3 months ago

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