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In Amazon LexV2, how do I disable barge-in (interruption event) for Fulfillment?


I have a LexV2 streaming voice bot that uses a Lambda function as a codehook for fulfillment of intents. Barge-in or interruption of the bot is enabled in the bot by default. For queries where Lex inquires slot values or for Closing responses from Lex, I am able to disable barge-in from the console but the disable barge option doesn't exist for the cases where the Lambda function fulfills the intent and responds.

Is there any way through the console or any API that allows me to disable barge-in for fulfillment?

1 Answers

Have you looked at the CreateIntent API (available in the SDKs too)? it has a allowInterrupt parameter which might be what you're looking for.

answered a month ago
  • Thanks for your suggestion! The "allowInterrupt" options in the CreateIntent API are provided only for the static responses returned by lex that include Fulfillment updates, Success response, Failure response and Timeout response. I wanted to disable allowInterrupt during the actual fulfillment done by the lambda function

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