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Need to change OpenSearch logo in the dashboard.

Found i way to change if I run it local host or use docker changing the opensearch_dashboards.yml. But how could i change it if i hosted this in AWS? Not locally or using a docker. That means i create a OpenSearch domain and open the dashboard URL

Reference link:,by%20including%20a%20custom%20opensearch_dashboards.

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I understand you want to know if you will be able to customize your OpenSearch logo if you hosting it in AWS infrastructure. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Firstly you can start by creating a domain using your console or CLI by following the steps listed on the link below[1], to access the dashboard, go to your console under general information click the OpenSearch Dashboard URL.I have included a link below for steps to help you change your dashboard logo[2].

Reference links:



I hope this information would be helpful to you.

answered 2 years ago

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