AWS failing to remove the ENI when removing Lambda attached to VPC


AWS is failing to remove the ENI after 20 minutes leaving the stack in a failed state. The Lambda which is connected to a VPC and Subnet is removed but it's Security Group and Subnet lingers.

DELETE_FAILED | AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup | Lambda/SecurityGroup (LambdaSecurityGroup123) resource sg-123 has a dependent object (Service: Ec2, Status Code: 400, Request ID: 123)

Whilst I understand it's failing to delete the Security Group because the ENI isn't being deleted by AWS. I'm failing to understand why AWS isn't removing the ENI after 20 minutes?

  • Check the CloudWatch logs for the Lambda function to see if there were any errors or issues during execution that might have prevented it

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By creating the security groups seperatly outside of the Lambda CDK stack - this allowed the ENI to be destroyed.

answered 9 days ago
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reviewed 9 days ago

I have the same issue when redeploying Lambda with Terraform.. Give it a little more time and they should go.

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answered 10 days ago
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  • I left it for an hour and it failed to delete. Also tried re running cdk destroy but AWS still fails to delete the ENI and stack.

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