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/CodeBuild Projects do not complete: They are stuck in the QUEUED status./

CodeBuild Projects do not complete: They are stuck in the QUEUED status.


My CodeBuild projects are built using the image: aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-x86_64-standard:3.0

I am building a .NET Core 3.1 Angular app.

But when I try to build thru the pipelines, none of my projects complete because they are stuck in the QUEUED status.

Several answers have said to just let the pipeline run and it will eventually complete but mine timed out after 8 hours. This is also not a billing issue: I have checked and we have paid our bills.

Besides opening a ticket, which I might have to do, is there anything else I can do. This is a blocker for me.

Thank you Justine

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CodeBuild logs debug information for each phase during Build. You can get more detailed information on where the CodeBuild project stops.

Step 7: View summarized build information - AWS CodeBuild
Step 8: View detailed build information - AWS CodeBuild

If no logs are output, the VPC configuration of the CodeBuild container is often a problem. You need to have a route to access CloudWatch Logs and S3 via the Internet or VPC endpoints.

Then troubleshoot the problem if you can identify where it is stopped.

answered 2 months ago
  • Thank you for the suggestion @iwasa My build projects are all built with this image: aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-x86_64-standard:3.0 I have logging set up for each of my codebuild projects. Last week I was using my codepipeline to build my projects and it logged adequately. This week, starting on Monday I am unable to get past the QUEUED stage, even if I just wait and the build projects time out after 8 hours which is configured. I have checked my billing and that is not the issue. The bill is up to date.

    According to the doc: "A build in a queue that does not start after the number of minutes specified in its time out value is removed from the queue. "

    My build timeout is 60 So I am thinking that maybe the build was removed from the QUEUE but the status still says QUEUED.

    I checked my IAM user and the credentials are still valid I pull the artifacts from github and I have never had a problem. I will check the github auth token and the webhooks to make sure they are valid.

    What I do not understand is why the projects have a QUEUED state if they were possibly removed from the queue. They are queued but never provisioned. With no log output I have no way of what is going on. Do you know why the stage does not get past the QUEUED stage. How else can I trouble shoot this? This is a blocker for my team.


We are facing the same issues with AWS Codebuild, starting a few days ago on US-EAST-1.

We replicated our stack to US-EAST-2, and Codebuild runs fine there.

This is clearly an AWS issue, but support on this is terrible with no acknowledgement on their side.

If this continues we will move cloud platforms as this is a major blocker for us.

answered 2 months ago
  • @AWS-User-3145276 I totally believe this is an AWS issue as my code base and pipelines have not changed. Are you using terraform to build out your resources on AWS in these code build projects? I am. My Codebuild projects are typical, running shell scripts to build out a .NET 3.1, python, nodejs lambdas with front end actions that run unit and e2e tests. My deployment code build projects do not Queue up either. No logs are produced at all. I almost thought it was a auth issue but no.

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