Move dockerized Jenkins server to AWS


I have a dockerized Jenkins build server set up like below and I want move it to AWS.

I have some questions on how to do it, Thanks.

  1. Is ECS the right choice to deploy dockerized Jenkins agents?

  2. Is Fargate launch type of ECS support Windows containers?

  3. I know ECS can dynamically provision EC2 instances, can ECS provision like below?

a. If there is no job to build, there is no ECS2 instance running in the cluster.

b. If a build job started, ECS dynamically launch a EC2 instance to run the dockerized agents to handle it.

c. After build job is finished, ECS cluster will automatically stop or terminate the running EC2 instance.


Jenkins master:
Runs as a Linux container hosted on a UBUNTU virtual machine.

Jenkins Agents:

Linux Agent:
Runs as a Linux container hosted on the same UBUNTU virtual machine as master.

Windows Agents:
Runs as a windows container hosted on a Windows server 2019.

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#1 - ECS is a perfectly reasonable place to run Jenkins, lots of customers do that.

#2 - Fargate currently doesn't support Windows, you will have to use the EC2 launch type for Windows servers

#3 - ECS doesn't support this model today, this is an area we're looking closely at so stay tuned. For now you'll need to have one instance running.


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