I am using AWS Kendra and would like to have the Experience Builder Prompt for a Choice


I am using Kendra and have loaded a number of documents from EU and from North America sources. When you ask a question of the data the answer should be dependent on the region . Example if a user says "What is the process to open a new account? " I would like Kendra to say "Which Region" EU or North America " . Based on the choice of the region a different document would be referenced. Can this be done within Kendra or do i need to use AWS Lex as well as part of the solution? Any assistance appreciated .

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Hi Amevy, You can use Amazon Lex for the use case where you have to prompt the user to enter a required input, then trigger an Amazon Kendra Search using a Lambda function. In Amazon Lex, you need to configure an intent with slot type as AMAZON.City or AMAZON.Country or AMAZON.State or a custom slot type and add a 'valueElicitationPrompt', prompting the user to enter the input (Refer the attached Lex code).

Check this blog post on Smarter FAQ bots with Amazon Kendra on a similar use case with sample Amazon Lex code here, and the sample Lambda code here

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