Error on AWS when Launching command : eksctl create cluster -f ./eks.yaml


The error result to be the following : exceeded max wait time for StackCreateComplete waiter The error happens when deploying stack "eksctl-do-eks-nodegroup-wks-node". I attach the following elks.yaml :

apiVersion: kind: ClusterConfig

metadata: name: do-eks version: "1.27" region: us-west-2


  • us-west-2a
  • us-west-2b

vpc: cidr:

iam: withOIDC: true


  • name: wks-node instanceType: c5.4xlarge instancePrefix: workshop privateNetworking: true availabilityZones: ["us-west-2a", "us-west-2b"] efaEnabled: false minSize: 0 desiredCapacity: 2 maxSize: 10 volumeSize: 900 iam: withAddonPolicies: cloudWatch: true autoScaler: true ebs: true
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3 Answers

Hi. What is the exact error, you can find that in a console I think under EKS?

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answered a year ago

Enter image description here The exact error in the is : --> exceeded max wait time for StackCreateComplete waiter

answered a year ago

Seems you are using eksctl to create the cluster, which was processed with CloudFormation to create the resources. What's the error found in the CloudFormation stack?

answered a year ago

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