Instance i-09be1794fbe9c2ca0 unreachable



My EC2 instance: i-09be1794fbe9c2ca0 in zone us-east-1 has suddenly stopped responding today, even though status checks show "System reachability check passed" and "Instance reachability check passed"

  • Elastic IP does not respond to ping requests
  • Entering website shows 502 error from CloudFront
  • Cannot connect to the instance in any way, even browser SSH in AWS console itself
  • Recent system logs do not seem to have any error.
  • Rebooting did not help

Anyone has idea where to check please?
Best regards,
Chakrit W
QP Studio co., ltd.

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1 Answer

All seems working now. May be from temporary network issues.

Best regards,
Chakrit W
QP Studio

answered 4 years ago

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