How do I graph a week-over-week growth rate for a metric on a CloudWatch Dashboard?


I'd like to use metric math to graph the week-over-week growth rate of my users but haven't been able to figure out how to do that

Thank you

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The CloudWatch alarm is triggered by the current event and not able to specify certain time of monitoring. Though we can compare or calculate multiple CloudWatch metrics with metric math, it must be the same time range. To achieve the use case, I could imagine the only workaround is to get metrics and calculate by the scheduled scripts, then push to custom metric to trigger CloudWatch alarm. For example, you can coding custom script to collect Cloudwatch metric through AWS CLI, then push to custom metric after calculation. Therefore, the CloudWatch alarm will be triggered by custom metric which you specified.

Meanwhile, I would recommend taking a look at some of our resources that you may find helpful:

  • get-metric-statistics[1]
  • put-metric-data[2]
  • Publishing Custom Metrics[3]

[1] get-metric-statistics - [2] put-metric-data - [3] Publishing Custom Metrics -

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  • Thank you Ram

    I'm not trying to alarm on it, just to graph my week-over-week (or month-over-month) growth rate for a metric

    We used to be able to do this with igraph at Amazon so I'd hope that CloudWatch also supports some way to do this

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