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/Unable to create EKS Cluster/

Unable to create EKS Cluster



I am not able to create a EKS service using my account. (EKS Create cluster)

As there is a role needed for EKS Management, I created the role using the documentation beneath. (Create EKS Role)

After the role creation, I am navigating back to the Cluster creation page, but the role which was created using this guide is not visible and not selectable in the drop down menu.


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As far as I can understand in your question, you are trying to create a EKS Cluster with the role in the documentation. Perhaps the user that you have doesn't have the policy that you have created in its group permissions. A role can be assosiated to an AWS Services, not users.

I can recommend you to use eksctl and kubectl to create the cluster as this link 1 below says. Also, you can ask to your IAM administrator to add the policy 2 in the permissions that you have.

Hope this help you.

1 Creating an Amazon EKS cluster

2 AmazonEKSClusterPolicy

answered a month ago

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