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We recently move our DNS server to AWS. After that some of our branch users cannot access to our company website. And they all using Comcast as an ISP. We got an answer from the AWS that there is no DNS issue with our AWS DNS server. However, Comcast technician said that the AWS have to update Comcast DNS Record.

How do I update Comcast DNS Record on the AWS ?

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We will need more information about the Domain and DNS Setup..

  1. Did you update your registar to use the new DNS Servers?
  2. Did you update the glue records?
  3. Your branch users, are using an internal DNS system for name resolution that points to the old DNS Servers?
  4. Are your branch users using native internet or VPN to an office?
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answered a year ago
  • Hi Gary, Thank you for your response.

    1. We updated our register to use the new DNS servers.
    2. We did update glue records.
    3. We checked it with Comcast, and they could not find any DNS Issue. And they said that AWS have to update Comcast DNS Record.
    4. Branch users are not using VPN. The users who are using Comcast ISP, they can access any other websites but they cannot access to our company website. Thank you.

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