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Can't register new domain name using Route53


I created an account a couple of days ago, everything works fine, but I can’t buy a domain name using route53 service, has anyone encountered this recently? AWS shows the following error

Domain registration failed: [We can't finish registering your domain. Contact AWS Support at for further information.]

  • I've had the same exact issue. As soon as I try to purchase a domain I get an email saying it failed.

  • +1 from my side Were trying to register, no matter domain name, always failed.

  • Can someone please answer this?

3 Answers

Amazon support replied that they are still checking my account

answered 4 months ago
  • Did this ever get resolved? I'm running into the same issue.


I am also having the same issue

answered 2 months ago

Well, I know what to do: your account must pass some valudation before you can buy any domain. There is even special topic in support for this: Billing, Domain name registration issue Just wraise one and say as clear as possible: Verify my account because I can't buy any domain!

answered 2 months ago

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