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Customer want to start redirecting a small % of the traffic to AWS and the rest keep it on-prem, so they can learn and improve the platform. They will gradually increase the traffic until it reach 100%. How can they be assured using just Route 53 with weighted routing policy that the users that get directed to AWS always (while they are on the same IP) goes to the AWS platform and not to on-prem on the next DNS resolution?. They need to keep the sessions of the user on the first destination it was resolved. Does Route 53 weighted routing makes any sort of stickiness like other 3rd-party Load Balancers are able to do?.

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Amazon Route 53 Weighted routing does not take the IP of the client into account. It's pretty much random. So, we don't have that ability directly. That said, you can potentially do what you want using Geolocation, Latency-Based Routing or Geoproximity (GeoProximity requires TrafficFlow right now).

So, instead of using weights, you can move one continent or country at a time. Because that is based on client/resolver source IP, it will stay consistent as long as your config is consistent.

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