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Using EC2 vs Workspace


Currently I am planning to set up a development environment which would involve Jupterhub/docker containers/Kubernetes etc. From a development environment perspective I am looking at an EC2 instance vs a Linux Amazon Workspace. From my understanding Workspace seems to be more around onboarding teams/securing remote work and so on but not essentially a development environment. Is my understanding correct ?
Currently we have our development work happening on EC2 which we are planning to scale up and/or exploring other options. In this regard we wanted to check if others have experience setting up Workspace as a development environment, its feasibility ,cost, issues etc compared to a traditional EC2 instance. Apologize if the query isn't very specific or opinion based.


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Duplicate of "Using EC2 vs Workspace for development environment" (did not see a way to delete)

answered 2 years ago

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