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/Combatibility with redis api for testing mockups/

Combatibility with redis api for testing mockups


I am just getting started with Golang and ElastiCache and wish to be able to use I realize that the full cluster capabilities differ significantly, but would I be able to do testing of my code using a mock redis client and have that code work when deployed against an Elasticache cluster?

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Hi imarsman2,
ElastiCache Redis is fully compatible with the Redis APIs and as you can see in this documentation [1] self-managed Redis applications can be migrated seamlessly to ElastiCache for Redis without any code changes. The only modification you need to apply when migrating your code to ElastiCache is to enter the endpoint of the cluster, see "Finding Connection Endpoints" [2] for more details about the endpoints. For your particular use case, if redismock is deigned to be compatible with Redis (with or without the cluster protocol), your code should not have problems to interact with redismock and ElastiCache.
Please also note that in order to deliver a managed service experience, a few commands requiring advanced privileges are restricted in ElastiCache [3].
I hope this will help!

answered a year ago

That is indeed helpful! Thank-you.

answered a year ago

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