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Amazon S3 connectors. Pros and cons


Hi Team, I couldn't find list/details of the tools to which Amazon S3 integrates with by using a S3 connector. Which tools integrate with S3 to provide in-place querying of S3 data (i.e. data shouldn't move out from S3 in order to be queried). How much data can be queried at a time? Does it support joins? What data formats can be queried ? Any pointers would really help. Thank you

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Amazon Athena, is a distributed that will allow you to use SQL to query S3 data in place.

There are no pre-defined limit on size of data, yes it supports joins and you can find supported data format here.

To understand how to create tables for Athena (only metadata, data is not moved) please refer to this documentation page.

For additional information you can look at the FAQ.

If you are already using Amazon Redshift it also can access data in place from S3, using Amazon Redshift Spectrum.

answered 4 months ago
  • Thanks Fabrizio. Sorry, I should have mentioned that we are looking at tools other than Athena/Redshift to which S3 can connect using connectors. We are already using Athena/Redshift. Where can I get more information on S3 connectors? Please guide

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