ACM DNS certificate validation. CNAME name/value undefined.



I'm trying to create a certificate for my domain under ACM. It's currently stuck in Pending Validation. I need to create CNAME DNS records to complete validation. However, the "CNAME name" and "CNAME value" columns are both blank. If I click the copy button, and paste the value in a text editor I get the "undefined".

I tried deleting the certificate, and then re-creating, I get the same problem.

I also tried clicking Create Records in Route 53. On the next page, the "CNAME name" and "CNAME value" are also blank. When I click Create Records, nothing happens.

How do I complete DNS certificate validation?



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I now see the CNAME name/value pairs. It took somewhere between 20 and 40 minutes to populate in the UI.

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