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/Why SNS is unable to send SMS to a specific Telecom?/

Why SNS is unable to send SMS to a specific Telecom?


Hi, I am currently using SNS to send transactional SMS messages to our users but I see delivery failures on our SNS logs. These SMS delivery failures are all bound to mobile numbers specific to a certain telecom provider here in the Philippines which is DITO Telecom. Any idea on why is this happening? There error message on the logs are "Unknown error attempting to reach phone".

  • I'd like to escalate this if possible.

    I am experiencing the same thing for MTN in Zambia. However, MTN started Operations in 2005.

    similarly, I have also managed to send SMS's to numbers registered to Airtel, another Telecom operation in Zambia.

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Hi RCastellano!

There are many reasons why you may receive this type of error in Amazon SNS.

Please check out this troubleshooting guide from the documentation, maybe it will lead you to the solution - otherwise, based on that could you provide more details about the error circumstances or the details regarding this telecom.


Edit: There is another article with supported countries and regions regarding the SMS, please check this out too:

answered 5 months ago
  • Hi, thank you for your answer. I've already checked those docs before I've decided to post it as a question here. I also did some test in a SNS Sandbox environment in which you will need to register a phone number before you can send an SMS to that number but the confirmation code never arrives to a phone number that belongs to Dito Telecom. Smart and Globe which are major telecoms here in the Philippines have no problem receiving the SMS confirmation codes.

    So it seems that AWS SNS SMS does not support this Dito Telecom which is relatively new since they only started major operations last year.

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