SNS: Sending SMS to Philippines with sender id


My company has applied for dedicated sender id in Philippines through AWS (it was a long process as it requires approval from the local telco) and it got approved.

However, when I try to send sms to philippines user with the sender id attributes (see below snippet) it always fail.

# Aws Ruby SDK

message_attributes = {}
message_attributes['AWS.SNS.SMS.SenderID'] = {
  "data_type": 'String',
  "string_value": "Gawin"
message_attributes['AWS.SNS.SMS.SMSType'] = {
  "data_type": 'String',
  "string_value": "Transactional"
$sns.publish(phone_number: "+639608272360", message: "Testing from daniel with sender id", message_attributes: message_attributes)

The error that I observed from SNS console is as follow.

{"notification":{"messageId":"215adedb-1bf8-55cd-a3c6-841ee158ad3e","timestamp":"2022-04-05 08:05:52.516"},"delivery":{"mnc":3,"numberOfMessageParts":1,"destination":"+639219346405","priceInUSD":0.01625,"smsType":"Transactional","mcc":515,"providerResponse":"Unknown error attempting to reach phone","dwellTimeMs":114,"dwellTimeMsUntilDeviceAck":2312},"status":"FAILURE"}

Does anyone has similar experience and can share with me what went wrong on my end?

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