Newly created EKS cluster + nodes go NotReady


Hi all, Brand new created EKS cluster (using eksctl), created... working... leave for night, next morning, Nodes in NotReady state ? Not sure, but know that most/all next mornings I would have to renew/update my .aws/credentials with new keys, don't know if thats related/relevant.

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Hi, EKS cluster authenticate nodes to join the cluster using aws-iam-authenticator. You can check the configuration of aws-iam-authenticator by checking aws-auth ConfigMap.

$ kubectl get configmap aws-auth -n kube-system

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: aws-auth
  namespace: kube-system
  mapRoles: |
    - rolearn: <ARN of instance role (not instance profile)>
      username: system:node:{{EC2PrivateDNSName}}
        - system:bootstrappers
        - system:nodes

You should check that the ARN of instance profile attached to your nodes is listed on the mapRoles.

Check the detail from the documentation.

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answered 2 years ago
  • this is what I get back.

    Georges-MacBook-Pro.local:/Users/george/Desktop/ProjectsCommon/iamzanet > kubectl get configmap aws-auth -n kube-system NAME DATA AGE aws-auth 1 23h

  • so #1 why would this initially have worked and now suddenly not, what changed #2 why would this not be configured by eksctl during cluster create, is something missing somewhere ? trying to understand... not just fix whats broken now, but rather understand why it is also broken.

  • Sorry, you can try with the command kubectl get configmap aws-auth -n kube-system -o yaml.

    I cannot answer to your additional questions because I don't exactly know what did you changed from the initial status.

  • :) I found the -o yaml tag about 5 min ago myself ;) I've copied my arm key into the yaml file and applied it, issue my nodes are staying NotReady though

  • arm=> arn.......

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