CDK constructs for Kinesis Delivery stream to consume from MSK topic


As of Sept, 2023 kinesis firehose supports creating delivery stream to consume MSK Topic data and store that into s3 with partitioning. Is there a way to configure this in CDK as well ? Looking for some examples. Thanks

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Create a MSK cluster using the MskConstruct:

const cluster = new Msk.Cluster(this, 'MyCluster', {
  // configuration 
Create a Firehose delivery stream using the FirehoseConstruct and specify the MSK cluster as the source:

const stream = new Firehose.CfnDeliveryStream(this, 'MyStream', {
  deliveryStreamType: 'KinesisStreamAsSource',
  kinesisStreamSourceConfiguration: {
    kinesisStreamArn: cluster.kinesisStreamArn,
    roleArn: // IAM role 

Specify the S3 destination configuration for the stream.

Add appropriate IAM permissions and roles.

Deploy the CDK app.

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answered 3 months ago
  • There is no property in MSK cluster called :- cluster.kinesisStreamArn

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