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Static Website S3 not resolving - DNS Provider is not AWS


Been battling with this for 24 hours.

I have set up a static website in an S3 bucket that as a Coudfront distribution. The domain name is registered by Namecheap.

If I paste in the cloudfront address this resolves. If I drop in the S3 namespace this resolves. If I type in or this results in the IP address not found page in the browser.

I have set up a CNAME record in Namecheap pointing to the values generated when I requested the web certificate.

I am really struggling with where to find the records that need to be set up in Route 53. Namecheap just point me back to AWS.

If someone can give me some pointers I would be grateful. Or am happy to provide any information. I already have a Route 53 registered domain running with Cloudfront from an S3 bucket which was easy to set up. It is the external provider that is causing me the problem.


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2 Answers

Did you point the nameserver records at the Namecheap registrar to the Route53 hosted zone?

It sounds like maybe you haven't.

Once you do that, it could take up to a couple of days for everything to propogate.

answered a year ago

Thanks - I had copied those in and they were essential. I hope that answer helps someone as I discovered it by accident.

The answer to my particular problem is that Namecheap use @ and www in the Host field for the apex domain and subdomain respectively. When I added the DNS ALIAS records in Namecheap's console I had entered the domain name ( and ) rather than those placeholders.

Thanks though.

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answered a year ago

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