Wordpress blog on AWS Lightsail - cannot change administration email address


Service: AWS Lightsail

Running: a simple wordpress.org blog website

Issue: cannot send emails

Other details: domain name is managed via Porkbun

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I am trying to host a simple wordpress.org blog on Lightsail. I followed the instructions about setting this up, and everything appears to have worked - my blog is running, domains are redirecting properly, and people can even comment on it. However, part of the setup process includes changing the "Administration Email Address" from "user@example.com".

I type in my real email address, and expect an email to arrive that lets me confirm it. The problem is, the email never comes. I believe my Lightsail instance is not set up to send emails.

I have tried following this guide: Enable email on your WordPress instance in Lightsail, but step 4.4 never completed and my "application" was rejected or something. Has anyone run into a similar issue?

Thank you so much in advance!!

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Step 4 requires you to verify the domain of your email address.
The domain of an email address is what comes after the @ sign.
For example, if the email address is "test@example.com", "example.com" is the domain.
So, if you manage this "example.com" and want to send it as an email address, you need to verify the domain.

For example, if you use an email service such as gmail, you can use it by verifying your email address with Amazon SES.
Select Email address instead of Domain on the screen below.

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answered 10 days ago
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reviewed 9 days ago
  • Hi Riku, thanks for sharing. I do use gmail for my personal email, so I did what you suggested. Do I not also need to do step 4 for a Domain identity type as well? If I do just what you described, I still am not able to receive the admin email address reset email.

  • If Amazon SES is a sandbox, both the source and destination email addresses must be registered as verification IDs.

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