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Calculating LIST, GET, SELECT requests to/from S3


I am attempting to use the AWS Pricing Calculator to estimate retrieving objects from S3, and it asks for the number of LIST requests to S3 and the number of GET, SELECT from S3. The calculator also asks for the estimated amount of data returned and scanned. I am unsure of how to estimate these numbers. If I want to retrieve 1,000 objects, would it incur 1,000 GET and SELECT requests but only one LIST request? I am assuming *data returned *is the amount of data transferred out, but what is data scanned?

Any clarification would be greatly appreaciated.

1 Answer

So a big piece will be around how you call the data.
If you know the full key to the object and just run an S3 Get command then you will just pay for 1 GET and the data.
If you do the same in the console via drilling down a folder structure you will also pay for all the LISTS that it calls to generate the console. Depending how big your bucket is and how it is structured this could be a lot of queries.
So if you want to keep costs low use full key (path and object) with a CLI or SDK command.

Hope this helps.

answered 9 months ago

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