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Workspaces RDP connection failure


I've signed up for the first time to AWS a few days ago. I have no knowledge regarding AWS.

I've tried to connect to the Workspaces via the AWS free tier using this article -

It seems I've done everything well according to the article 1-7 steps, but I failed to understand how to configure according to the 8th step (the last one).

The problem is that I fail to figure out which public IP should I set, and with which user should I sign in with via the RDP

Iv'e tried to connect to the Workspaces Desktop via different RDP softwares, but all seemed to fail

What should I do? How do I connect successfully via the RDP?

asked a month ago28 views
1 Answer

You should connect using the Amazon WorkSpaces Client software, not RDP. The public endpoint for streaming is not for RDP protocol, so that is not a possible way to connect. You can connect via RDP if you create a connection to the VPC (ala VPN) and the private IP.

answered a month ago

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