Monitron App login not possible


Hi, unfortunately I can not access the AWS page via the Monitron app, what could be the reason.

I have an address and it asks for an additional authentication.

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To login to the Monitron app it is required to utilize IAM role to allow access. Before you use IAM to manage access to Amazon Monitron, you should understand what IAM features are available to use with Amazon Monitron. Administrators can use AWS JSON policies to specify who has access to what. That is, which principal can perform actions on what resources, and under what conditions.

In order to login to the Monitron app, the user needs the appropriate IAM permissions. Monitron IAM permissions can be granted the following ways:

  • Using Identity-Based Policies

  • Using Resource-Based Policies

  • Authorization Based on Amazon Monitron Tags

  • Using IAM Roles

Authenticating with Identities:

IAM Permission issues:

Monitron official documentation:

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