Possible Bug Report: How do I figure out why attempting to edit my OpenSearch Access Policy results in a 409 error?


Steps to reproduce: -- Navigate to OpenSearch Service in the AWS Console

-- Select an existing Domain

-- Select the "Security Configuration" tab

-- Click "Edit"

-- On the next page, make literally any change at all to the policy and click "Save Changes"

I consistently get a 409 error with the message "Error setting policy: <<JSON OF POLICY>>". There are no additional helpful messages or indications what's going wrong. I have full Administrator permissions to everything in AWS.

Any suggestions? What's going on here?

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1 Answer

A 409 error usually indicates a conflict, and it can arise due to various reasons. To troubleshoot further, we require details that are non-public information. Please open a support case with AWS using the following link:


answered 10 months ago

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